Engine and gearbox

A series of guides concerned with the engine and gearbox of classic Matchless motorcycles.

In this section are my ‘how to’ guides relating to the engines and gearboxes of Matchless (and AJS) motorcycles. My bike is a 350cc 1951 Matchless G3LS with a CP type gearbox and these guides are based on this particular machine. They will probably also be applicable to various other earlier and later bikes, although the later gearboxes (such as the Burman B52 which was used from 1952) are quite different in many aspects. So please check that the advice is applicable to your particular year and model of machine!

Many of these articles are currently work in progress as I am still in the middle of doing the work on my own bike for the first time myself! But I will keep updating the guides and writing some new ones as I learn more and get the problems on my 1951 G3LS sorted.

Valve timing discs

In order to accurately set the correct valve timing when replacing the inlet and exhaust cams of my Matchless bike I designed a timing disc which helps to:

  • Set the valve timing.
  • Check port opening/closing angles.
  • Set the ignition timing.
  • Download for free!
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